What can mimic Parkinson’s disease? [30+ Parkinson’s Misdiagnoses]

All doctors and possibly all patients should know what can mimic Parkinson’s disease. There are more than 30+ diseases that produce similar similar symptoms. These mimics may cause Parkinson’s misdiagnosis. For example, hypothyroidism also produces slowness of movements. Therefore hypothyroidism can be misdiagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. The treatment is different for each of these conditions. … Read more

Parkinson’s diagnosis [Is a DAT scan/ F-DOPA PET scan needed?]

A DAT scan or F-DOPA PET scan can be used for Parkinson’s diagnosis. But, Parkinson’s disease is primarily a clinical diagnosis. In other words, an evaluation of symptoms & examination by a doctor experienced in Parkinson’s disease is usually sufficient for diagnosis and treatment. Usually, your history a thorough examination is better than any testing … Read more